Editorial in Pet Industry News

Max & Blu is a socially and ethically responsible pet lifestyle brand that reflects both the owners style while keeping you dog safe and comfortable.

Recognising a shift in the way owner’s care for their dogs, Max & Blu have designed products that reflect consumer’s desire for wanting quality, fashion-conscious, good design, that is environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

Jodie Johnson, owner and founder of Max & Blu, said we humanise our pets as they integrate into our lives and home as loving family members and it makes sense that pet products are tailored for the owners enjoyment as much as the pets.

“I wanted to create a brand that has cutting edge appeal to this generation of consumer. Function focused design with classical modern aesthetics in fashion led tones."

Running a dog grooming business in Mosman put Johnson in a unique position where she could analyse and test hundreds of collars and lead sets, that provided an in-depth understanding of key design elements.

"Selecting a Premium Vegan Leather with the right compound was a critical elements to the Max & Blu brand.  I wanted a high-end luxurious look and feel. It has so many wonderful benefits - ethical, soft, lightweight for comfort, durable and affordable.  It no longer makes sense to purchase cow leather.

"Timeless, well-made essentials for the modern dog.  Minimalist at first glance, but with 'details that matter' for your family's peace of mind and enjoyment.

Pet Industry News

by Thomas Oakley-Newell  May 2022