About max & blu

Introducing Fashion and Ethics to the Pet Industry

MAX & BLU IS AN AUSTRALIAN LIFESTYLE PET LABEL that design modern dog accessories using quality vegan materials that integrate effortlessly into our lives. 

Function focused pet accessories that will keep your dog comfortable and safe, with practical quick and easy operation when on the go. We carefully (or obsessively) select quality materials that are light in weight to support your dog's neck, durable and luxuriously soft for comfort.  Minimalist at first glance, but with 'details that matter' for your family's peace of mind and enjoyment.

Timeless design in fashion-led tones, that are luxurious, ethical and affordable to suit the expectations of today’s sophisticated purchaser. 

OUR STORY began with Marley – the best dog in the world, a pet salon and next to no free time. 

Dogs have been a big part of my life from a child and professionally. Needless to say that their welfare is close to my heart.  

It is incredibly rewarding to be able to draw from experience and research gained over the years.  We applied key design elements with quality materials to create modern pet accessories that would suit our lifestyles. Our pets live with us as family, in our homes and out and about all the time. Lets face it, we spend a lot of time holding a dog lead and scooping up business. It makes sense that walk accessories should not only be practical, but reflect your personal style with a luxurious look and feel. And just like that (not)! max & blu was born.

Each piece represents quality, honesty and function.  Our designs inspired by what we see and love every day - our pets and a chic Australian lifestyle.